1. Bathrooms are the Best

A mid-range bathroom remodel is on average one of the easiest ways to get the most for your money. Mid-range means $3,000 to replace the toilet, light fixtures, maybe add a new or double sink. If you have a bit leftover you can even update the wallpaper. On average, according to Zillow Talk, a bathroom remodel of this type results in a $1.71 increase in home value for every $1.00 spent on the project.



. Spiff Up the Front Entrance

U.S. News reports that something as simple as updating the front door, be it painting or installing a new one, can bring the highest return of nearly any project: 96.6 percent. Adding stone veneer around the bottom of the house, either to replace a few layers of siding or to cover an exposed foundation, is another worthwhile investment. Though the cost is a bit steep, at around $7,500, the return is at 92.9 percent and the added curb appeal of a clean front entrance could bring even more money overall.


. Make Minor Kitchen Updates

Since kitchens are so high on the priority list of most potential buyers, it is a worthwhile place to invest money.Zillow Talk estimates minor kitchen remodel could recoup 83.1 percent of your costs. Anything dated is a big turn-off for buyers, and even small updates can have big payoffs. Simply swapping out kitchen cabinet hardware can take years off a dated kitchen.


. Replace the Garage Door

While the front door is a no-brainer for the financial return, a garage door replacement is a bit more of an investment for sellers. But the return is high, according to Remodeling Magazine, and you can’t put a price on curb appeal. With an average cost of $1,652 nationwide, the return was 91.5 percent, or $1,512. If replacing feels overwhelming, a fresh coat of paint or stain to cover all those nicks can do wonders.