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Oct. 23, 2020

Florida's Housing Market: More Sales, Rising Median Prices in September

Florida Realtors’ data: Sales, median prices, new pending sales and new listings rose year-over-year. Single-family sales up 22%; condo sales up 25.3% – and in a milestone, 2020 single-family sales over last 9 months beat the same timeframe in 2019, says Chief Economist O’Connor.

ORLANDO, Fla. – In September ...

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Oct. 13, 2020

Florida No. 2 for Homeowners Who Should Refinance

A new study finds that a mortgage refinance would help 43% of U.S. homeowners with a 30-year loan. While Calif. has the largest number, Fla. ranks second.

NEW YORK – Forty-three percent of 30-year mortgage holders are eligible for a refinance that would lower their mortgage rates, a new ...

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Sept. 22, 2020

The real estate market is booming in South Florida. Here are tips for buyers and sellers looking to jump in

South Florida’s housing market is booming through the COVID-19 pandemic as homebuyers flock from cities in the north with a new ability to do their jobs remotely from anywhere.

While it’s sellers who have the advantage right now — demand is high but supply is limited — there are opportunities ...

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Sept. 21, 2020

Contract Prep: Buyers’ Deposits at Risk Due to Lender Delays

Recent calls to Florida Realtors’ Legal Hotline have involved a panicked buyer’s agent who is trying to get an extension on either the buyer’s loan approval period or the closing date due to lenders not being able to get “final clear to close” paperwork together on time.

ORLANDO, Fla. – ...

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Sept. 17, 2020

The Pandemic Hasn’t Stopped Property Values from Rising

In South Florida, for example, records show home values rose from 2019, meaning it could bring higher tax bills as the region deals with financial worries from COVID-19.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – South Floridians, be prepared to pay more in property taxes this year.

Property appraiser records show home values ...

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Sept. 9, 2020

Real Estate Q&A: Can Pandemic Postpone Construction Contracts?

STUART, Fla. – Question: We are obviously concerned about COVID-19 and the association is about to embark on a construction project that requires contractors to enter the unit. Many owners are concerned about contractors coming in the unit, even with masks. Can we delay the project? – P.R., Delray ...

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Aug. 25, 2020

Tourists Spoke: Florida Is Home to 10 of 15 ‘Best U.S. Beaches’

Those online tourism reviews on TripAdvisor? The company analyzed them to identify most-loved beaches, and 10 of the top 15 are in Fla., ranging from the Panhandle to Miami. Overall, tourists’ online reviews ranked Clearwater Beach as their No. 1 U.S. seaside destination.

ORLANDO, Fla. – TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice ...

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Aug. 24, 2020

Florida Realtors: July Housing Market Had ‘Wave of Closed Sales’

Florida Realtors’ data: July saw more sales, higher median prices, more new pending sales and more new listings year-over-year. Single-family sales rose 11.7%; condo sales were up 6.5% – “the 1st year-over-year increase in this category since March,” says Chief Economist O’Connor.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Florida’s housing ...

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Aug. 21, 2020

Recovery Report: All 4 Florida Metros Exceed Pre-Pandemic Levels

If the January Florida Real Estate market was “normal,” today’s market is even better in the four metro areas tracked by realtor.com’s Recovery Report. The U.S. report declined slightly this week, however, largely because new listings dropped below Jan. 2020 levels.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – For the ...

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Aug. 14, 2020

Real Estate Recovery Index: 3 Florida Cities Now Hotter Than Before Pandemic

The real estate market is better than before the pandemic, according to realtor.com’s weekly index, as a third Fla. metro area rose into positive territory.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – The U.S. real estate market is doing better than it did before the pandemic, with realtor.com’s Housing Market ...

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